Backup Configuration


1. Login to the Web User Interface of the phone.

2. Navigate to the Settings page.

3. Choose the "Click her to save settings" option

4. This loads a page called https://phone_ip/settings.cfg

5. Copy and paste the settings to an ascii text editor like notepad.exe and save the file as snomxxx.htm (xxx should be replace with the phone model number i.e. snom760.htm)

6. Save the file a Local or Network drive.

note: Passwords are not exported in the saved configuration from the phone.


Restore Configuration

7. If you are not Provisioning the phone you can restore the configuration using either HTTP or the SMB file transfer protocol as a local file transfer.

8. From the Web User Interface, navigate to the Advanced Settings > Update tab page.

9. If you are using an HTTP Server enter the path to the settings file in the Settings URL field i.e. http://fqdn_or_ip/snomxxx.htm

10. Click Apply and then Reboot.

11. If you do not have an HTTP Server and the file is on your Local hard drive or file share, use the Upload Setting File Manually option.

12. Select Choose File and navigate to the files location on the Local drive or Network Share.

13. Once selected, select the Load option.

14. The phone will reboot.


Setup the Phone

15. Once the phone boots back up, you may be prompted to setup the language, Country and Time zone.

16. Login to the Web User Interface and configure your Lync account passwords.

17. Once you add the Lync account password you will be prompted with the admin login screen for the Snom Phone's Web User Interface.

18. Enter your Lync user NTLM credentials and the password i.e. domain\lync_account

19. In order for the Lync account to register with Lync after the restore process is to reboot the phone one last time.

20. From the Advanced Settings > Update tab, press Reboot.

21. One the phone boots up it will be ready to use.