Yes, Snom M300, M700, M900 support the so called differentiated ringtone feature.

Based on this feature the PBX can distinguish between different type of calls (Internal, External, etc..) using the Alert-Info SIP header.

The handset will play a melody depending on the Alert-Info SIP header value. The following table describes the supported header values and the associated melody.

Alert-Info SIP header Melody

Alert-Info: <>;info=external

Melody 1

Alert-Info: <>;info=vip

Melody 2

Alert-Info: <>;info=friends

Melody 3

Alert-Info: <>;info=highpriority

Melody 4

Alert-Info: <>;info=lowpriority

Melody 5

Alert-Info: <>;info=blacklist

Melody 6

In case you need to disable this feature you can disable the Remote Ring Tone Control setting under the server configuration (this setting is available since fw version 355B16):

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