After you have completed the DECT registration process and added the IPEI of your handset to the M300/M700, you can assign multiple SIP accounts to those handsets.

Create the SIP Extension and assign it to a handset

  1. Login to the Web user interface and navigate to Extensions → Add  Extensions

  2. Create the SIP extension and assign it to any of the registered DECT handsets.
  3. Save the changes and verify that the SIP Extension has been assigned to the selected handset.

In my example you can see that I have assigned SIP extensions 5658 and 5695 to the handset 02556FCE35 (Index #3)

Switch between SIP Extensions on the handset

  1. On the handset press the Menu key → Settings → and press the Menu key to select the "Line" option.

  2. You should now see the available SIP extensions for that handset.