The text messaging feature is new starting with firmware version 355B16. It uses a proprietary protocol (not "SIMPLE"). Text messages can be sent to a handset in two ways:

  • from a messaging server
  • from another handset (peer-to-peer)

To enable text messaging, go to the Management Settings page on the Web User Interface of the base station and enable it.

Once this in done you will need to do aMaster Reset on the phones to activate Text Messaging.

Applicable devices:

  • M25 (with firmware > v440B03)
  • M65
  • M70
  • M80
  • M85
  • M90

Please be aware that this procedure clears-out all the settings on the handset and de-registers it from the DECT chain.
After the master reset you must re-register the handset to the DECT chain.

You can now send text messages from one handset to another.

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