Assigning and IP Address to the M700 and M300 – Pre-requisites

Before deploying the M700 or M300 in your Network please make sure the device is connected to your Network Switch and the configuration of the Switch port has been added to the appropriate VLAN, DHCP Relay is enabled on the VLAN’s IP interface and the appropriate DHCP scope has been assigned to the VLAN. For a Flat Network with no VLAN and a single IP Subnet, please make sure the DHCP Server on the Network can be accessed by the base and the DHCP DISCOVER message from it.



Finding the IP Address of the Base Station 

You can use any M65, M85, or M25 handset in the vicinity of the base station to find the base's IP address.

The handset does not need to be registered at the base.

1. Connect the base station to your network and wait until the LED is green.

2. Press the menu key on the M65/M85 handset or the center of the navigation key on the M25. The main menu screen (Fig. 1) will appear on the display. Fig. 1 Fig. 2

3. Type *47*. The IP Search screen opens (Fig. 2). If your handset detects more than one base station within range, check the MAC address on the back of your base station and use the navigation key to select your base.


Unable to Discover IP address of M700 or M300 using the DECT Handset

If the above procedure does not work and the LED indicator on the front of the base is flashing red, it is possible that the base has an older version of firmware and is affected by DECT-465. This affected firmware versions prior to 410B01.




 The problem occurs when the base sends its DHCP DISCOVER. The DHCP Server receives the DHCP DISCOVER and ignores the request and does not send the DHCP OFFER. 


The base is sending option 57 in the DHCP DISCOVER and the length does not meet the minimum size requirement per RFC 2132. This problem is known to affect normal DHCP operation with some DHCP Servers in the field. You can verify this by using Wireshark at the DHCP Server port to determine if the 

  1. The DHCP DISCOVER is being received
  2. If the DHCP OFFER is being sent
  3. If the DHCP OFFER is not being sent, check the DHCP DISCOVER for the option 57 = 548
  4. Determine version of firmware on the Base via Option 60 > [udp sum ok] BOOTP/DHCP, Request from 00:04:13:xx:aa:aa (oui Unknown), length 548, xid 0x2082, secs 29, Flags [Broadcast] (0x8000)
Client-Ethernet-Address 00:04:13:xx:aa:aa (oui Unknown)
Vendor-rfc1048 Extensions
Magic Cookie 0x63825363
DHCP-Message Option 53, length 1: Discover
MSZ Option 57, length 2: 548
Parameter-Request Option 55, length 13:
Subnet-Mask, Default-Gateway, Domain-Name-Server, Domain-Name
Static-Route, NTP, Vendor-Option, TFTP
BF, Option 120, Option 132, Option 133
Option 160
Vendor-Class Option 60, length 58: "snomM700/03.55.0022 (MAC=000413XXCCDD; SER= 00000; HW=255)"
END Option 255, length 0
PAD Option 0, length 0, occurs 225




  1. Remove the Snom Base Station from your Network
  2. Connect the Snom Base station to Network Switch isolated from your Production Network
  3. Using a PC or Laptop, download the Snom Technical Support SPLiT program and the required M300 or M700 firmware binaries needed for the upgrade to 410B04
  4. Connect the PC or Laptop to the Switch, configure it with a static IPv4 address


  1. Launch SPLiT and run the DHCP Server and HTTP or TFTP option for transferring the firmware to the Base Station after it has obtained and IP address.  For access to SPLiT and the TFTP upgrade instructions see
  2. You will need to start both the TFTP and DHCP Server options on SPLiT and in the ‘IP Address’ field in the top right corner, enter the IP address you statically assigned to your PC or Laptop in step 4 above (
  3. Configure the TFTP Settings using the instructions in step 5 and DHCP settings

  • DHCP Server:
  • DHCP Pool Start:
  • DHCP Pool End:
  • DHCP Subnet Mask:
  • DHCP Gateway:


  1. Allow the Base Station to Boot. If it has successfully obtained and IP address the LED indicator on the base should be solid green.
  2. Using a DECT Handset, confirm the IP address of the base.
  3. The base should have obtained the first IP address assigned to the scope,
  4. Using the Web Browser on your PC or Laptop connect to the Base station and login using the default credentials admin/admin
  5. Locate and download the necessary firmware files for your Base. Please take note of the below information.
  6. Once the Base station has been upgraded to version 410 or higher, reconnect it to your production Network and confirm that it can obtain an IP address.
  7. If you need additional assistance please contact support.

Upgrading to version 400BXX from version 324BXX or earlier:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Direct upgrading from version 324BXX to 400BXX is not possible, you have to update first to the version 355B25 and then to the version 400 

Upgrading to version 355BXX from version 324BXX or earlier:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE 1: After upgrading to the version 355BXX you WILL NOT ABLE TO DOWNGRADE TO THE VERSION 324BXX. Please take this upgrade carefully
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 3: In case you are doing the update from a 323 version you need to update to the version 324B12 before applying the version 355