1. Isolate the PA1 from your Network and DHCP Server by using a PoE Switch of external powers supply connected non-PoE Switch.

2. Allow the PA1 to go through it's boot process.

3. Allow the power LED to flash for about a minute and then press the IP reset button to interrupt the DHCP process.

4. The power LED will turn solid red and shortly after the call LED will turn solid green.

5. Configure your PC with a static IP address of, Subnet maks of and make the PA1 your Default Gateway address

6. Open a Web Browser and connect to the PA1 at the default IP address

7. If this procedure does not work than you are possibly using and older version of firmware that was affected by the SCPP-1144 bug

8. Run a limited DHCP Server on your laptop or connect to your Network and allow the PA1 to obtain and IP address.

9. Upgrade the firmware to the latest firmware for the PA1 


10. You can use our Support tool SPLiT which can run a limited DHCP Server  (Snom SPLiT application can be downloaded here https://github.com/pbertera/SPLiT/releases )