If you are experiencing periodic disconnections of the base (LED blinking red and SIP re-registration) you should check the Syslog (after enabling the debug). To confirm the issue the base Syslog messages should contain the following lines a few seconds prior the disconnection:

<31>1 1970-01-01T00:05:26Z 000413623542 Sky 00000 -[ Eth RX Receive Buffer Unavailable, detected]
<31>1 1970-01-01T00:05:26Z 000413623542 Sky 00000 -[ Eth RX !ResetTimerExpired reinitialized]

In case the issue is confirmed you have to:

  1. Upgrade the base to the version 400B04 or more
  2. Disable the setting eth_driver_initialize.

The setting eth_driver_initialize can be disabled via provisioning or via web interface uploading the attached DECT-471.txt file:

  1. Download the attached DECT-471.txt file
  2. Logon on the base web interface
  3. Click on the Configuration left menu
  4. Click on the Choose file button, and select the downloaded DECT-471.txt file
  5. Click on the Load button
  6. Check the value for the eth_driver_initialize setting
  7. Reboot the base