The following phones have an external USB port suitable for connecting an external USB WiFI adapter: (D715/715, 720, D725, D745, 760, D765, 820, 821, 870). 

A list of compatible USB WiFi adapters can be found here:

It is suggested the phone be upgraded to the latest release of firmware before installing the WiFi USB adapter and connecting to a Wireless Network. The current release is and can be found here:

Warning: Do not connect both the PoE Ethernet port and WIFi Adapter to your Network at the same time. We suggest that you use an external phone power adapter instead of PoE if the PoE is connected to your production Data or Voice Network


1. With the phone powered on, Insert your compatible WiFi adapter into your Snom phone's USB port

2. Press the Settings key on your Snom phone in order to enter the Phone User Interface settings.

3. Select Option 4 'Network'

4. Select Option 4 'WLAN'

5. Select Option 1 'Scan WiFi Networks'

6. Select the correct WiFI Network from the 'WiFi Scanning Results'

7. Enter the passkey for the selected SSID and use the keypad check key to save the settings.

8. You will be prompted with a message that says 'All settings saved! Please Reboot! SSIS:xxxxx'

9. Reboot your phone and you should be done.