The text messaging feature is new to 355B16 and uses a proprietary protocol, not SIMPLE, and can be used with a Server or with out if you would like to send text messages between handsets. After you have upgraded the Base station and phones to 355Bxx, you will need to login to the Web User Interface of the M700/M300 and go to the Management settings and set the option Text Messaging to "Enabled without Server" in order to send messages without a Server.

Once this in done you will need to to a Master Reset on the phones to activate Text Messaging.

Applicable devices:

  • Snom M85
  • Snom M65

Please be aware that this procedure clears-out all the settings on the handset and de-registers it from the DECT chain.
After the Master reset you must re-register the handset to the DECT chain.

Master reset procedure:

  1. Press the Menu key
  2. Press *7378423*
  3. select "master reset"

Note: The Server (MobiCall) used for messaging is made by New Voice International AG