After upgrading the phone from to 8.7.5.x, the phone no longer displays the "DND Active!" notification message in the upper left corner of the LCD on the Snom 710 phone. 



Starting in 8.7.5.x the setting "status_msgs_that_are_blocked" includes the status message "CurrentIdentityIsDnd"

<status_msgs_that_are_blocked perm="">

PhoneHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasTextMessages CurrentIdentityIsDnd PhoneProvisioningFailed



If you would like to revert the phone to the old behavior found in you can modify this setting using Provisioning or change it on a per phone basis with a single HTTP GET to the phone's IP address

http://phoneIPaddress/dummy.htm?settings=save&status_msgs_that_are_blocked=PhoneHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasTextMessages PhoneProvisioningFailed

Note: This can also be used on the D715/715 as well