The work-flow for creating a conference call with the Snom 870 has changed in the 8.7.5.x firmware. The old method has been deprecated.

Old method of creating a conference calls on 8.7.3.x and earlier 

The setup conference context-sensitive touch button for setting up a conference has been deprecated.

The conference is now created automatically when the participants are drag-and-dropped into the context area from the info area.

Creating a Conference Call

1. Put the intended participants on hold.(Green - active call. Yellow - call on hold)

2. From the touch screen of the Snom 870, drag-and-drop the the call button of each intended participant from the info area into the context area. (Drag-and-drop the call on hold into the context area to the left) and this will setup the conference.

Note: For an explanation of the icons, virtual keys and other functions of the Snom 870, please refer to the 870 User Manual