In order to assert a warranty claim the customer must contact either the retailer or Snom distributor from which they purchased the Snom phone.

The warranty provides;

1. Scope and duration of warranty 

Snom guarantees the customer that its products will not have any material or manufacturing defects within the warranty period. The warranty period starts from the time the device is purchased. It is the customer's responsibility to provide evidence of the start of the warranty period (e.g. by presenting a receipt with date and serial number/MAC address). If appropriate evidence cannot be presented to check the warranty, the manufacturing date applies as the start of the warranty period. Products which do not have a legible production date on them require evidence of purchase with a date. Otherwise the warranty cannot be granted.

The warranty deadline is:

a) 36 months for Snom stationary desk, DECT and conference phone products purchased on or after 1 July 2018; 

b) 12 months for all other types of products as well as for wear parts for stationary desk phones, such as keypads, handsets and connection cables (also handset cables).

c) 6 months for wear parts with chargeable energy storage device as well as for example rechargeable batteries.

The warranty period shall not be extended as a result of any warranty services provided, in particular with replacement. In these cases, the warranty period also does not start again.

This warranty only applies to devices that were sold as new devices in perfect working order (so-called "A goods") Devices sold by Snom, which have been used or (re-)conditioned (so-called "B goods") or (permanent) leased goods are exempt from this warranty. All demo versions of A good products also do not have claim to the warranty mentioned here.

This warranty is on an individual basis and cannot be transferred.

If you’re unable to provide the purchase order or invoice in order to establish the date of purchase, the effective start of the warranty period, Snom uses the manufacture date of the phone. You can determine if your phone is under warranty by first determining the date of manufacture;

1. You can determine the date of manufacture using the Serial number from the back of your phone.

2. The Day, Month and Year of manufacture can be determined by taking the 16-digit Serial Number and using this format.

The serial number's format is as follows;

 XXXYYddmmyynnnnn >  ddmmyy := date of workorder/manufacture


  • Example: Snom 710 with serial number CHNSZ07111303318 > date of work order/manufacture =       07/11/13

3. Once you have the date of manufacture you can calculate the warranty period.



Date of manufacture: 07/11/13

Warranty expires: 07/11/15