With our DECT Bases, M700 , we could choose between two methods to spread multi cell configuration to other bases in a multi cell environment.

As you know DECT System from Snom has the ability to have the controller running on any base. All the configuration is shared between bases when using multicell , so if any base shutdowns, multicell cluster is still alive and working.

For this workaround we could select between Multicast or Peer to Peer.  Which is better? It depends on your network.

Maybe you are running DECT Snom in a network where you are not allowed to use Multicast or it is filtered, so you would need to look for other option, as Peer to Peer.  You will see something as below if you are having troubles with Multicast configuration

Using Multicast would be an easy deployment as you do not have to care about IP addressing on bases, but as told, maybe  it could not be working on some networks , so you need to switch to Peer to Peer mode.

Lets see how to configure Peer to Peer configuration (by default you will have multicast configuration).

  1. You would need to  know ip addresses from all your bases, and select one as sync master.
  2. You need to configure Data Sync option under Multicell configuration to Peer to Peer mode. 
  3. You would have a new option to fullfill named Primary Data Sync IP Enter central base IP address there. 

       4.  Apply Save and Reboot


Repeat this for every base in Multicell cluster.

After some minutes you will see your multi cell cluster up and running as shown:

Also you could find helpful this other article in our helpdesk. Please take a look to My M700 refuses to join the DECT chain article.