The device log buffer can contain a limited amount of data. For this reason sometimes can be convenient to setup an external syslog server in order to capture the logs for long term, here is the configuration procedure:
  • Install a Syslog Server application on your PC (can be as well a Windows PC)
  • Log into the Web User Interface of the M700
  • Navigate to the Management Settings page
  • Set 'Upload of SIP Log' to Enabled
  • Set "Syslog Level" to Debug (Note: enabling the debug requires a base reboot)
  • Configure the Syslog Server IP Address and Syslog Server Port to the IP address and port of the machine on which you installed the Syslog Server

If you are getting this log for a support ticket, please also mention at what time the problem occurred, for which you needed the syslog, so the support staff can know where to look in the log.

If you are getting the logs from a multicell deployment, please setup the syslog server on all the bases.

Here some common syslog server applications:
  • Kiwi Syslog (license: Free trial and commercial, Windows only)
  • Visual Syslog (license: Free software GPL-2, Windows only)
  • Rsyslog (license: Free software GPL-3, Unix, available for all the main Linux distributions)
  • You can also use Wireshark (license: Free software GPL-2, available for Windows, MAC and Linux). Wireshark is not directly a syslog server application but it can store any messages in a PCAP Trace format
    NOTE: please leave the PC running until you are finished with troubleshooting, in order to catch all syslog messages.