1. Call comes into the 720/710

2. Call is answered on the 720/710

3. Second call comes into the 720/710

4. Place first call on hold and answer the second call

5. Place the second call on hold

6. At the top of the LCD it should say "Call on Hold 2/2" and (4) context sensitive keys that will appear [Cnf.On. Pool, Hold and ->-> phone icon]

7. Use the ->-> Phone Icon key to move between the two extensions on Hold.

8. Choose the extension you wish to transfer.

9. With the exension number showing on the LCD, take the call off Hold.

10. Once the call has been taken off Hold the two left most context sensitve keys [Xfer, Hold] will appear.

11. Press the Xfer button

12. The caller will be placed on Hold

13. Dial the number and then press the context sensitve key [SafeT]

14. This should transfer the first caller and the second caller should still be on Hold.