When you configure a SoftKey as an LDAP Directory search (keyevent F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH) the softkey label will show the LDAP text:

label using the normal Directory label there is a small workaround: you can use the gui_fkeyX setting to configure the key label and the dkey_fkeyX setting to change the softkey behaviour:

For example: configuring the following settings you can define the LDAP behaviour with normal address book label:


<!--		Use the normal Direcory label for SoftKey 1		-->
<gui_fkey1>keyevent F_ADR_BOOK</gui_fkey1>
<!--		Configure the LDAP behaviour for SoftKey 1		-->
<dkey_fkey1>keyevent F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH</dkey_fkey1>


 After applying the settings:

dkey_fkeyX are not manageable via Web User Interface, you can configure it via provisioning or via single setting HTTP request: