If PCAP traces larger than 500 KB are needed, the PCAP Trace functionality of the Snom phone cannot be used because of space limitations.

In this case, you can still capture packets coming and going to the phone by using a PC in the same network with the phone.

You will need to get all packets to and from the phone to also reach the PC, which you can achieve by:

  • Either using a managed switch which supports port mirroring and mirror all packets to the PC
  • Or connecting both the PC and the phone to a hub
You can find more informations about Ethernet capture setup into the Wireshark wiki page.

Once you have all packets reaching the PC, you can capture them in one the following ways, depending on whether you are using Windows, Linux or Mac OSX:

Windows or Mac OSX:

  • Install Wireshark (http://www.wireshark.org)
  • Start Wireshark
  • Start capturing: click the Capture menu, choose Options, press 'Start' for the appropriate interface
  • After the test is over, stop capturing by clicking Capture -> Stop
  • Save the capture by clicking File -> Save


Install tcpdump and run as root using command:


# tcpdump -s0 -w dump.pcap -i eth0


Where dump.pcap is the saved PCAP trace and eth0 is the network interface