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D715 Call transfer error messages

We are struggling to set up a SNOM D715 in the sense that we cannot transfer calls without error messages.

We can make and receive calls. 

Scenario: 2x D715 phones

Extension 6050 calls ext 6010

6050 Answers

6050 Presses Transfer and receives the message

 "Hold Failure, call is only muted. Press hold again to unmute"

 - If I decide to not transfer and press the X key, we get message "Retrieve Failure 404" - there is no way to get back to the call.

If I do try to transfer after the error message, it does transfer and terminate the call.

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This is usually due to the parameter

Pointing to a server that responds with a 404 to the phone request when you try to put it on hold (or to transfer a call, which would put the active one on hold).

Please try to clear this parameter if it's set, so you'll be able to see if the phone is still showing the issue when it's not using an external server: if it is, please raise a private ticket on since we'll need a deeper look and we'll need to ask you for some personal files from the phone.

Thank you

Thanks for replying however that field is blank on the phone. We've tried all manner of different firmware and are really struggling. We need to get 10 phones out to a client as they're all working from home.

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