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SIP-Code 302 after remote dial via http remote control

Hi all,

i am trying to dial vie remote comand http://admin:XXXXXX@

That is primaly working, but i get allways a massage back from d785 v10.1.57.14 :

HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily


Content-Length: 0

an with this massage back from phone my tapi drive thinks somethis is wrong and dont work probably. I am using httptapi 1.11

why do i get this massage? the phone dials correctly the number an i can talk with the target number.



could you please try it with https instead http?

HTTPS dose not work anyway.

if try to dial via browser, the phone tells ma something about "unsafe page" 

Why the phone sends this 302? 

(23.2 KB)

The message is from the phone's webserver. There are various reasons why the message could appear.

What's the cause of yours is only speculative. It could be related to the Fritzbox's DNS Server as also with your browser. Try to use another browser, clear DNS caches, reboot the phone or even use another computer. Please try to decativate the setting "use_hidden_tags" in the phone's WUI under "Advanced" -> "QOS/Security"

OK i checked all, an found out that i get also an 401.

If i deactivate teh USER/PW everithing works fine.

If i aktivate USER/PW the phone beginns to dial but i already get this 401 Autheitication failur

(34 KB)

Can you post your settings file? Passwords and sensitive data are removed on export

Hi, attached the settings


You can try to disable theese settings 

but anyway I couldn't reproduce this error.


i testet with an other phone, this phone dont send my an http 302, and so the tpai dont schow any failur massage.

So teh question is how to stop the phone sende this http 302 massage.

I tryed the tips from the but nothing worked

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