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Snom D785


Ho avuto modo di provare il tel per alcuni giorni. E posso dire di aver avuto dei feedback positivo sotto tutti gli aspetti.

Mi è capitato solo un piccolo “disservizio” : il tel è registrato in SIP su un gateway Innovaphone. Funziona senza problemi ma se mi capita che la telefonata si prolunghi  , la stessa cade dopo circa 4’ ( 240s)

Vi è mai capitato?

Grazie mille



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thanks for using snom

snom support team

Good morning. I got to try tel for a few days. And I can say that I have had positive feedback in all respects.
Only a small "disservice" happened to me: the tel is registered in SIP on an Innovaphone gateway. It works without problems but if I happen to have a prolonged call, it drops out after about 4 '(240s)
Has this ever happened to you?
thanks a lot


This is probably a timer issue. Either server or client did not renew the session in time.
You should investigate the SIP communication between the two (Server and phone), as shown in this example:

Best regards

snom support team

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