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M70 and M25 on the same 300 Base Station

 Hello, we have an M70 and M25 handsets on a 300 base.

I want them to share an extension and ring simultaneously.

I can get one handset to register, connect with sip and work perfectly. The other appears in the 300 config but I cannot get it to register. I have made each handset work with the extension as an individual so its not a handset issue. As I look at the config both handsets appear under the same extension one says "present" (this is the one that works) the other one says "enabled" and will not register.

Can you help?

Many thanks for any support!!


This should work following these steps:
First register the two handsets to the base (DECT REGISTERATION).
After that  create the SIP  account and then associate both handsets to the created sip account!

Best regards
snom support team

Hi Ross,

You should be able to do what you are looking for, at least on the latest firmwares, please follow these steps:

- Create the server for your PBX on the M300 web interface

- Create the extension you want to use on the M300 web interface

- Start the registration from the handset

- Click on the extension again, and assign it to the handset (you should be able to see its IPEI)

- Create a new extension (even if you won't use it after this)

- Register the second handset

- Click on the first extension again, and assign both IPEIs to it

- Delete the second extension

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