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D375 handset microphone not working


we have a D375, firmware, where the microphone of the handset is not working at all.

I can hear the caller, however, the caller can't hear me. Further, I hear myself in the handset. 

We have updated the firmware from v8.x.x to the current one. We have exchanged the cable from the handset, we have exchanged the handset itself, we have resetted to default settings, everything with no effect.

Here the settings:


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Please never share the settings or any file that could contain personal information into our public forum, I've deleted that part for you, if you need to share something other than a description please raise a ticket using our Helpdesk

Also, even when raising a ticket, please download the file and attach it to the ticket or copy and paste all the content into a txt file.

For this issue I don't think there is much to do, if even with another phone's handset and cable this is not working I think you should contact your reseller for an RMA of the phone.

Thank you

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