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Problem with exporting the local address book from the M65 handset (410.11)

The problem with exporting the local address book from the M65 handset.

When trying to export contacts from the web base station, the export occurs, but there are only 6 random contacts in the * .csv file. The rest are gone.


Base - 04.10 / B0014

M65 - 410.11

How else can I export the address book from the handset?

The problem is similar in the Russian language, the interfaces on the tubes and the entries in the address book in Russian-1|Russian-2 / Cyrillic. The language of the web base stations is English.

The problem reproduces on multiple handsets.


This may have been solved in the latest firmware versions, I cannot reproduce it on version 501.1 for the base stations and 501.2 for the handsets.

Just be aware, an upgrade could cause the lost of the local directory into the handsets.

I looked through the changelog of all firmwares above and did not find this fix, it may be very minor and did not enter it into the changelog. If your stand does not reproduce...well, let's try to update...

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