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M900 DECT Multicell - Multi site


I have 2 physical location with M900, but M900 cant see each other between site(too far) but network is the same....

The 2 base sync data but cannot be locked as usual.

I try to multi primary. but Phone not register on second site. 

How to proceed in my case ?




The M900 can use the LAN sync option, as described in the guide I am attaching, if the network is compliant with the requirements, so that the base stations won't actually need to see each other via DECT.

If not, you would need to create a DECT system with both base stations seeing each other, then you can enable the "Allow Multi Primary" option and you can set them apart one from the other, they should now be able to share the same configuration (and the same handsets), working as two different primaries and without the need to sync one with each other.

In the second solution is quite important that they cannot see each other at all, otherwise they could try to reconnect with each other and that could create confusion.


Hi, thanks for reply.

I have try Multi primary, I added the new base in the system on the site B. I select multicell with the same ID. Data are sync. I receive all confirgurations and Extensions. I put the new base as Primary on site B(like other one on site A). No error in Multi-cell TAB. I see on DECT chain, my 2 primary. BUT on second primary Base on site B. No DECT base available. I try via DECT phone with *47* to find it. But no DECT available. Impossible to register or connect any phone. 

As workaround I configure site B with new Multicell with other ID and encode same account on both side...but It will be much easy if I can sync it between to Install for futur maintenance...

What I have missed?

I've raised a ticket for you because I will need some files from your side

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