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Audio Issue - Snom821 - caller dont hear me

Hello Community,

i'm new here and from german. So my english is not the best but i hope i find help for me issue.

I have a enviroment with Asterisk 16.11.1 and 3 phones (Snom300, Snom370). All on Firmware 

All devices are in the same LAN. Also the devices connected per pjsip.

Now i switch a Snom370 to Snom821. But i have the issue that the caller can't hear me on Snom821. On the call i hear my one Voice on speak in Snom821 also i can hear the caller. But he don't hear me.

Is it a Hardware issue or a other different. 

I have no ideas. 

Can one help me...

Also here are the settings  of Snom821 attached with placeholder for server etc. 

Thanks for all ideas or solutions.

good evening.

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try to switch off the user_srtp setting. 

This can be found under 

Phone Webuseinterface/Idebtity/RTP/RTP Encryption

best regards

snom support

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