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D375 Directory

One of the more recent firmware updates divided the snom directory into separate pages and you should be able to navigate to the page you want by use the < or > hyperlinks - the problem is that those hyperlinks do not work even when upgrading the firmware to

 This issue is present on all the D375 phones that I look after. End users are very frustrated with this issue, as I am, and seek a solution to this problem. Can you help please.

David Bradley


could you please rephrase your request by clarifying what do you want to achieve and what's not working!

best regards

snom support

Hello Sidaty Khalihina,

I have deployed throughout the various companies that I support, the latest firmware for the D375 being version  We thought this would correct the bug introduced with version which changed the GUI for the phones directory from one long listing of entries into page segments as seen with the attached image.

You will note from the image attached that it should be possible to move onto subsequent pages using the '>' hyperlink but it returns this typical message:

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


This makes it impossible to edit the directory apart from that displayed for the first page. The hyperlinks for CSV FILE and XML FILE do actually work proving the directory does hold all entries previously made.

I would be very much obliged if you would investigate this issue and provide a solution as quickly as possible.

With regards
David Bradley
+44 1252 758 960

Hi David,

It is now crystal clear, thank you for your quick reply and clarification, we will investigate and come back to you as soon as possible. 

best regards

snom support team

Hi David,

I have converted this forum entry to a ticket and will continue the discussion there. 

Additionally I deleted the attachment because it contains some private data.


snom support team

Disabling the setting 'use hidden tags' under Advanced > QOS/Security settings via the Web UI has solved the issue!

best regards
snom support team

The solution provided works in most cases but sometimes it is not possible to switch off the hidden tags settings. The online help pages say the reason for this is that apart from having http Server settings not using the default setting, there must also be an Administrator Password. Well I enter a simple administrator password of 4 digits and then found I was unable to log back into the phone!

It will be an absolute pain to use PumpKIN to reset the phone back to default settings as all the configuration details will have to be re-entered not to mention recreating the extensive number of phone directory entries. Is it possible for snom to push down new login credentials to regain access to the GUI? No problem in supplying you with the MAC address. Unfortunately we have no records of where the snom D375's were purchased from.

Quite happy to provide remote access onto our network via a PC using TeamViewer.

Meanwhile the affected phones do still work as expected.

David Bradley

+44 1252 758960

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