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Snom 821 and 12Voip

I am trying to add the provider 12Voip as an identity on this phone. The green telephone symbol appears to be added correctly, there is a dial tone, but when I try to connect all I get is the error message "User not found". This Voip provider works correctly with another non Snom telephone. I have entered the data as requested here. I would be grateful for any help in identifying the issue as I assume I should have added something to another setting somewhere. Many thanks

SIP port : 5060

Registrar :

Proxy server :

Outbound proxy server : leave empty

Account name : your 12VoIP username

Password : your 12VoIP password

Display name/number : your 12VoIP username or voipnumber

Stunserver (option) :

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Hi, the Snom 821 is unfortunately an End Of Support product I am afraid (it went in an end of life state back in 2017 as you can see here) and we are not currently able to offer support for this product.

We would like to introduce to you a scheme that aims to provide a smooth, cost-effective transition to our current product portfolio: the Snom Exchange Program was created to reward our customers for their years of loyalty and to ensure that they continue to use productive, reliable and secure Snom devices.

It ensures that our customers can continue to use Snom IP phones easily, securely and reliably and it enables our customers to exchange their existing devices for a comparable device from our product portfolio at unbeatable conditions.

For more information about our Exchange Program, please visit our website or speak directly to your Snom Account Manager.