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Missed call after 302 Moved Temporarily


if a redirection is configured on the phone, it instantly gets a missed call after the redirection. This happens on D765, D785, D315 and D375. I have looked for a configuration of handling the 302 but still not found anything. Can this be configured or maybe is it a bug?

We have updated some old phones with FW 8.X. On these FW the call wasnot displayd as missed after the redirection.

Firmware on the devices is

The 302 war correctly answered by the server with an ACK. We have tested different Asterisk Versions (11.25, 16.1, 16.8)

Thank you


I've raised a ticket for you since I may need some files to investigate this


Bumping the thread, any news ?

I'm experiencing the same issue with snomD765/ on Asterisk 11.

Best regards

This is an issue that was already reported and we already have an internal ticket (reference: SAP-4040) to see if our developers will be able to change this, for now you cannot handle it directly and the phone is going to register all the forwarded calls as missed calls.

There is a workaround if you are interested, and it's to set the phone so that it will send an http command to itself, to stop the lost call from being recorded, every time the forward is turned on (and to go back to record them when the forward is turned off).

You would need to modify these two parameters

Which are basically sending the http command when the forward is turned on and off respectively, and they need to use the following command to turn on and off the ability to record missed calls


You would need to use the phone's own IP address and that should work.

You can do this from the web interface going into the Action URL Settings menu and pasting the http command string into the two parameters "Call Forwarding on" and "Call Forwarding off"


I see.

I'm wondering, would it make any difference playing with the following setting ?

Does it work only with received reasons or could it also intercept sent reasons ?

In this case, adding a "302-Moved Temporarily" configuration should to the trick, right ?

Best regards


Unfortunately for now the phone is unable to use the 302 message as a reason to ignore a missed call, this was thought to avoid recording a call as missed when an external agent is sending in a Cancel message.

I've reported your suggestion to our developers anyway, hoping this could be a good solution for them so they can develop this functionality, but for now I am afraid there is no ETA on this subject on our side.

Thank you

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