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D725 SLA

I have set 6 function keys as SLA to support lines 1 through 6, the problem I have is that when calls come in on any of these SLA kets the handset does not ring, I only get an LED indication of an incoming call. Is it possible for thehandset to ring if a call arrives on any one of these SLA's

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can you provide us further informations, such like wich phones and PBX you are using? Or can you do a SIP trace on the phone and send it to us, when a call to any one ofe theese SLA's arrive? Also a phone configuration file would be useful so we can see how the function key is configured on the phone. It seems that you only configured BLF function and in this case ringing of the phone is not possible. The function you want to have is highly PBX depenadant, so if your PBX doesn't support this you have to setup a ring group and configure 1-6 identities ont he phone if you want the phone to ring on incoming calls to one of theese identities

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