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PnP Snom 320

Using version and SNOM320


I am trying to use the PnP mode for WAN. filled in the required info in the webinterface of the SNOM320, the phone is rebooting but gives the message:

Prov Request

Attempt : 20 (19,18,17 etc)


In the end the phone is not provisioned. Can you please advise what I am doing wrong.

I know its the oldest device but still.

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Thank you for contacting Snom support.

This is an automated message from the ticketing system informing you that your device Desktop Phones Snom 320 (End of Support) has reached the end-of-life stage.

We are sorry, but we cannot offer any kind of support for end-of-life devices.

We kindly suggest you keep the last well-working firmware version installed.

f you want to replace your end-of-life device with one of our recent models, please check out our Snom Exchange Program.

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