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Provisioning deletes phonebook


i have the following problem:

i use the setting settings_server=http://my_intranet_settings_server/phoneconfig?mac={mac}

via the settings server i supply a file which looks like


  <phone-settings e="2">

      <user_ringer idx="1" perm="!">Ringer7</user_ringer>



  <tbook e="2" complete="true">
    <item context="line1" type="none">

When the phone pulls this file after reboot, it succesfully applies all the settings and correctly detects the <tbook> tag.. Log files shows:

Jun 24 23:49:29.246 [NOTICE] PHN: read_xml_settings: found phone-book XML header

Jun 24 23:49:29.246 [DEBUG1] PHN: Pausing Watchdog for 120 seconds

Jun 24 23:49:29.249 [ALERT ] PHN: Deleting entire tbook

Jun 24 23:49:29.249 [DEBUG0] PHN: Using contact storage type 0

Jun 24 23:49:29.255 [INFO ] TOOLS: Going to write file ./snomconfig/tbook.xml.

Jun 24 23:49:30.595 [NOTICE] PHN: read_xml_settings: found one byte encoding: 0

Jun 24 23:49:30.613 [NOTICE] PHN: Starting straiten of tbook, size now is 16

Jun 24 23:49:30.614 [NOTICE] PHN: Done straiten of tbook, size now is 16

Jun 24 23:49:30.614 [NOTICE] PHN: Config setup: found xml style settings

Jun 24 23:49:30.621 [NOTICE] PHN: last prov successful:1

However the phonebook is empty afterwards!!

Only after the second "settings pull" happen (3600 seconds / and hour later) the phonebook is populated.. Log looks similar..

Is there an issue with populating the phonebook during initial boot?


which device and wich fw version do you use? How many entries does your phonebook have?

Firmware: snomD735-SIP (latest)

Number of Entries: 16

One thing that might affect this: We are using VPN on the Phone (OpenVPN).. However the provisioning server is reachable / resolvable via VPN and via the local network.. But maybe the network switch during provisioning (local -> VPN) interferes with this during the initial settings application after the boot?


I have created a ticket for this topic and you can reply there directly.

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