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Add Provision Order to the Web UI

I usually buy the phones new, but I was helping a fellow phone guy with some used Snom phones. He kept running into issues getting them provisioned with his phone system.

After some troubleshooting, we found out that the phones are set up in SRAPS. He's not a Snom partner and to photograph however many phones just to send an email and prove he owns them is a pain in the ass. Same with setting up a special network without internet access so he can push a config file that changes the provisioning order. It would be great if the web UI had the provisioning order as a field, so that non-Snom partners can log in and change that without jumping through hoops.


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Dear Bryan,

thanks for this request.

At this moment the only ways to change setting's value are:

- http request

- Going into "Settings" page, looking for "provisioning order" click on it with the right button and insert wanted values

Please note that this values are restored to standard after a factory reset: this means that the best way is to remove them from SRAPS.

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