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bluetooth headset (two ears )

 i look for a bluetooth headset (2 ears) with my D385. But my headset from playstation works only with sound from one ear.

Hi there,
I am looking for a suitable Bluetooth headset for 2 ears for a VoIP phone (snom D385).

Snom offers a list of headsets that work with the phone. As far as I can see, these are all one-ear headsets.
snom - Supported headsets

Now I would like to use closed ear headphones or at least headphones attached to both ears.

I have now tested this option with my Playstation headset (bluetooth + dongle).
This also works so far that only one ear is "played" here.

Is there a headphone that sends the mono signal to both ear speakers?
(If snom does not offer the software technology ?)

Hi Maik,

Unfortunately there are no tested Bluetooth headsets with the binaural two ears configuration.

For the D385 there isn't a list of tested headsets actually, you can refer to this list 

And to the entries reporting D3xx while referring to the phone, but keep in mind that those weren't tested from our side properly.

If you need a binaural headset for the phone I would go for a DECT solution in your case and not with a Bluetooth one.

No ! I would like to have one two ear headphone on our D385. It has to be possible. Thats only one softwarproblem. maybe you have to put in some key in your feature list of checkboxes with al little bit of code in your firmware. i think so... please !

Hi Maik,

I can ask this to our internal team but there are no guarantees it can be done and there is no time frame for this kind of things, we would need to work on the firmware and to properly test the headsets before releasing a new list and this could take a long time unfortunately.

In the meanwhile please consider using a DECT two ears solution if you need a two ears wireless headset with Snom phones.

Thank you

yes. ! please do so. if you implemented these - i test it with some of my headphones. i realy do not need some extrafunctions - ists really nessesary to have two ears of sound with no cable of salat. thank you very mutch and greetings to your team of programmer.

Hi Maik,

Please if you need a two ears solution with no cable try and use some DECT wireless headset, the Bluetooth solution will take a long time to be developed if it's even possible to do so.

no i send a service ticket to your team 

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