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A170 and Softphone


I have many A170 headset, work fine with SNOM phone. Connect with USB to computer with success but the pickup button don't work.

My softphone support (3CX) say me they have no information about this headset and the setup for this device.

Anybody have some information about that ?


Hi Nicolas,

The pickup functionality on the Snom headset is working only with Snom phones, it's using the EHS cabling to connect with the phone and it will unfortunately not work with a softphone since it's connected via USB.

Have a nice day

Thanks for your anwser. It's possible to "disable" the button for transform A170 to a loud speaker and reduce manipulation for user ?

Hi Nicolas,

I do not understand your request actually, it's a physical button and there is no way to physically disable it, but if the headset is just connected with a softphone, pressing the button shouldn't do anything anyway.

Also, I do not really get how you would like to transform the A170 into a loudspeaker? Why not using the laptop/PC/Smartphone built in speaker instead? 

For the moment, le button cut the sound. And at start, the morning, the headset is "sound off", I must push the button one time a the start of the day (and every time I reconnect it on its base.

I don't think there is much we can do actually, the button is thought to be used with a phone and the headset too, when you first connect it (so every morning after booting up the PC) you will need to press the button for it to completely connect.

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