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M700/M900 Multi-site setup


We have 2 Multi-cell sites, but not able to set up Multi-site mode.

Each site location have both "Auto configure DECT sync source tree" and "Allow multi primary" are enabled.

Locations are on it's own subnet network but can communicate. All base stations have static IP configured. There is no air visual between sites.

Can you please advise how to sync 2 sites ?

best regards,

Best Answer

Hi Ivan,

A ticket was raised about this issue and I will continue replying to you on that ticket.

Hi Ivan,

Usually, the base stations try to look into their subnet (via multicast) for others to share the configuration, in this case even if the two sites can communicate between each other I am not sure if a multicast message from the first subnet would be shared with the second one and viceversa.

You could set that up in the networks but it could be kind of tricky, to avoid it you can use the peer-to-peer communication.

You would need to go on every base station web interface and into the Multi Cell menu you need to set the "Data Sync" parameter to "Peer-to-Peer" and in the " Primary Data Sync IP" you need to set the primary IP address from the first site.

Do that on all of the base stations, even the primary itself, and they will stop trying to sync via multicast and they will start to do it while going to a single IP address: if the two sites can communicate and no packets are being blocked, this should allow the system to sync and work correctly.

Hi Ivan

you need to have a VPN connection directly between the 2 site and allows multicast across the network

on the second site you will need to define a first base that will point to the first base of the first sites

wait for the sync to work (so the second site need to have no setup, he will learn from the first one) then when it is sync up, you can add base and extend the second multicell

you are right that you need to allow multi primary because you will have 1 primary on the first site and 1 primary on the second site that will point to the first one.

Dear Gianmaria,

We have been able to setup as you suggested. Nice!.

It works in such a way, where site 1 is the source sync site and site 1 prim. passes handset's IPEI numbers and extension numbers to site 2 prim. successfully.

but, at this moment we can't register handset on site 2, even though IPEI and SIP is there (passed from site 1 prim.). stuck on "Registering..."



Hi Ivan,

A ticket was raised about this issue and I will continue replying to you on that ticket.

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Looking at the screenshot, I would say it's trying to update from snom.

What happens if you factory reset the phone, and restart the phone without any network cable attached.

3CX does not automatically update the firmware, you have to push it out via the console.


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