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Registering M65 at M700 fails with "No SIP-Reg"

I am trying to register new M65 Handsets to our M700 Multi-Cell Setup, but the registration fails.

Our Setup:

  •  7 M700 Base Stations in two DECT Sync-Chains and in a single Group (to allow our Handsets to roam between two buildings).
  • M65 Handsets. In our Test Setup currently 10 Handsets, we will scale to ~50 later on.
  • Firmware-Version Base-Station: 450/11
  • Firmware-Version Handsets: 450/11

Steps to reproduce:

  • Grab a brand new M65 Handset.
  • Menu->Settings->Status claims: SW-Version 0355/0025
  • Menu->Settings->Status: Take note of IPEI
  • Since it has an old firmware I will continue with a FW-Update:
  • Menu->Connectivity->Reigster to DECT Chain.
  • Device says: "Registering", and finishes this with "No SIP Reg" on the home screen.
  • Device registration is noted in the BaseStations Syslog:
    loc7 .Info  2019-11-22T10:48:35Z 04-[ Device M65 version:0355 Branch:0025 Present@RPN08 Ipui:02EB6B4921 Pmid:0020B OperationTime:189sec]
  • At the same time the BaseStations grabs the correct FW from our update server: - - [22/Nov/2019:10:49:26 +0100] "GET /M65/M65_v0450_b0011.fwu HTTP/1.1" 200 1042150 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; snomM700 04.50.0011 000413618DE3)"
  • Place Handset into Charger and Wait for Reboot.
  • Now: Menu->Settings->Status: SW-Version 0450/0011
    => Firmware is updated.
  • Now I try to register the Phone:
  • Menu->Magic Numbers -> "Master Reset"
  • On the BaseStation: Extension -> Add Extension and inset SIP Parameters for the new Handset.
  • Extension->New Entry: Click on IPEI "FFFFFFFFFF" and insert IPEI of device and save.
  • Extension -> Tick checkbox for new extension and click on "Register Handset(s)".
  • On Handset: Menu->Connectivity->Register.
  • Status is: Registering for a few seconds, then switches to "No SIP Reg"
  • On the BaseStation I get the following syslog entry:
    loc7 .Info  2019-11-22T11:18:31Z 04-[ Device M65 version:0450 Branch:0011 Present@RPN08 Ipui:02EB6B4921 Pmid:0020B OperationTime:279sec]
    loc7 .Info  2019-11-22T11:18:31Z 04-[ DECT MAC statistics: Pmid:EE5DC Typ:FN Res:0 Frames:247,0,0 Bho:0,0 Rssi:54]
    loc7 .Info  2019-11-22T11:18:32Z 04-[ DECT MAC statistics: Pmid:0020B Typ:FN Res:0 Frames:72,1,0 Bho:0,0 Rssi:55]

  • But the "Handset State" is still "Enabled" and does not change to "Present@NNN"
  • On the Handset I can access the central directory and under Menu->Settings->Status I can even see status of the BaseStation.

If I try to reproduce this with one of the already working handsets I it works like a charm: I delete the extension, de-register the phone, add the extension, enter the IPEI and register the phone and it works.
What do I miss when I try to register a new Handset here?


Do you see a failed SIP registration for the handset in the SIP log? What are the values for these Multi-cell Settings?

Snom Support


the Multi cell settings are:
* Number of SIP accounts before distributed load: 8
* SIP server supports multiple registrations per account: Disabled
* System combination: 50/3

I did not see any errors in the SIP log. Neither did I see any entries related to the newly registered phones. There were no events on my SIP-server either.

I have increased "Number of SIP accounts before distributed load" to 20 today and afterwards it worked.
On my desk (where I did most of the testing) a handset usually sees at least 3 Base Stations with better than -70dBm (eg. 40, 62, 68) in the DECT monitor. I assumed that a handset would be roamed to another Base Station if the maximum Number of SIP accounts per BS is reached.

What is a sane value for this setting?
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