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SnomD765 Auto Provision

 I have a Problem my Linux DHCP Config is

subnet netmask {
interface eth0
default-lease-time 1440;
max-lease-time 2880;
option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers,;
option broadcast-address;
option subnet-mask;
options routers;

class "Phones"{
match if substring(option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 8) = "snomD765";
options tftp-server-name "";
options bootfile-name "IP_Phones/general-{mac}.xml";

When i put my First test Telefon then get he the setting files. But when i put a other One the Telefon don´t get the files and there is no log on the Webserver (apache).

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Problem is Solved i forgot the cloud autoprov to take out the Telefon.

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