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Snom Telefone provisionieren über Linux DHCP und VLAN

 Ich möchte meine SNOM Telefone über ein Linux DHCP über Autoprovisionierung konfigurieren. Ich habe den Pi als Linux DHCP konfiguriert und an den Switch mit angeschlossen der einen getaggten Port hat für Vlan 200. Meine Pc bekommen die IP und die Snom Telefone Nun zu meinem Problem die Snom Telefone bekommen die nicht sondern die Adresse zugewiesen. Wie kann ich nun dem DHCP sagen bzw den Telefonen schon im Vorfeld das VLAN zuweisen.


option 200 code 132 = snomD765 ;

Die ist meine option zusätzlich im dhcpd.conf


Have you considered using LLDP on your Network Switch to assign the phone to VLAN 200 with a Network Policy? 


Snom Support

Nein noch nicht ich, möchte gerne mehre Möglichkeiten in Erwägung ziehen. Vielleicht gibt es einen einfacheren Weg.

Das Problem ist unsere Telefone bekommen das Vlan 200 zugewiesen mit der IP und die Verbindung von den SnonD765 geht ja in den Computer die bekommen die IP Also bekommen erstmal alle Geräte wo angeschlossen werden die 10.20.10 Adresse. Die Telefone müssen aber VLAN 200 bekommen und durch die Autoprovisionierung muss das anfangs passieren sonst kann er die setting Dateien nicht vom Webserver beziehen.

How can i do this with LLDP. ?

Its interesting to here this.


LLDP and LLDP-MED, which I assume your Switches support if they support VLANs, was developed to expressly deal with auto assigment of VoIP phones to the Voice VLAN.

 "The problem is our phones get assigned the Vlan 200 with the IP and the connection of the SnonD765 goes so into the computer the get the IP 

So first get all devices where are connected the 10.20.10 address. However, the phones have to get VLAN 200 and through the auto-provisioning this has to happen initially otherwise he can not get the setting files from the web server."

Excuse me for the translation, so I'm probably misinterpreting what you have written, but 

The Data VLAN is 200 on Subnet

The Voice VLAN  is on Subnet

You need to phone to do pass through, assign the PC to VLAN 200 and obtain their IP address from the pool

You then need the Phone's Network port to be assigned to tagged Voice VLAN  and obtain its IP address from the pool

You then need the phone to get its provisioned settings via DHCP option 66/67 and GET them from the provisioning server to configure the VLAN settings for both the NET and PC port?

Why dies the PC need to get its setting first? If you either assign the port the phone connects to using LLDP/LLDP-MED, provisioning or manually to the Voice VLAN it then obtains its IP address and then its settings. The settings can define which VLAN the PC port is a member of and do pass-trough, tagging and un-tagging as need be.

Snom Support


Hi thx for rhe answer but i don´t check this. I have do the constalation in One Picture.

The Problem we have 2 DHCP One LIVE system one Test. You see it on the Picture

(169 KB)

Can i solve this Problem with a Dhcp Relay. ?


Thank you for the Network Diagram.

Why not just use provisioning? DHCP relaying needs to be confiured on all of the Layer 3 interfaces for the VLANs

1. Phone boots up and obtains IP address on untagged VLAN (10, 15, 20, 25, Default)

2. Phone searches for Auto-Provisioned settings (DHCP, Plug and Play, Redirection)

3. Phone finds Auto-Provisioned parameters and requests its settings from

4. Phone is provisioned with tagged and untagged VLAN settings.

6. Phone reboots and sends DHCP REQUEST on tagged VLAN 210 for NET port

7. PC sends DHCP REQUEST on untagged VLAN (10, 15, 20, 25)

Supported VLAN Setups

Thx for the answer but the Problem is the Phones can only go into the VLAN 210 when they get the settings.

The DHCP with Vendor Identifier is on VLAN210 with the Webserver with the IP

The Telefon in the VLAN 10,15,20,25,30 cannot reached the Webserver.

1.New Telefon connected the Telefon is in the VLAN 10,15,20,25

2. They cannot connect to to get the Settings.

We do not configured the Telefon manual.

How can the Phonesdo this we do Auto-Provisioned but with VLAN it is a little bit difficult to reach the DHCP, because we have 2 DHCP.

The First One with the VLANS 10,15,20,25 and the PI with VLAN210 the first one its a Live DHCP and worked in a Firewall its not a Windows DHCP.

2. Phone searches for Auto-Provisioned settings (DHCP, Plug and Play, Redirection)

The Part

2. Phone searches for Auto-Provisioned settings (DHCP, Plug and Play, Redirection)

3. Phone finds Auto-Provisioned parameters and requests its settings from

its importan. Tomorrow i send a Plan and the Config from the Testserver.

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