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DTMF issue on Snoms D345 v8.9.3.88

DTMF issue on Snoms D345 v8.9.3.88

Dear supporters,
I've noticed some trouble with three Snom D345 Phones running on firmware revision in concern of using DTMF mode (PBX is an asterisk).
After a restart of the phones they work as desired, the touchtones can be heard (good case).
After a couple of calls using this functionality, the touchtones disapear somehow at irregular intervals and DTMF signals are no longer transfered (bad case).

A configuration export using GUI to get the current status of the same phone under both conditions shows NO differencies!
in our standrad configuratio the following settings are used as defaults:
DTMFmode = rfc2833

Is this an already known issue?

I've found a two years old article which stated this has be fixed in a prior release or
But obviously it is not.

As a quick workaround until fixed, I meanwhile switched
to keep people working (but without hearing a tone), since they instead need to more often reboot their phone than being able to call with it.

I myself use an old Snom 370 with release, but never had such a situation ever, dtmf works always and steady.

Please help or advise, since it's getting worse the last to weeks.



Have you considered upgrading the D345's to the latest release candidate and testing?


Snom Support

Hi Sean,

thanks for your reply.

No I didn't consider that update, since there is NO hint in release notes which make me believe that someting has changed in concern of DTMF.

My weak hope was that you can suggest a minimal release where this issue has been already fixed (by knoing release history). This is obviously just a wish.

Even more, updating the productive phone to a - for me - unknow release, what in summary has changed in comparison to Not easy to answer, I know, but try and error myself almost all features is NOT easy, too.


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