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wrong order of LDAP Adressbook entries

We use Snom D765 with Software and and use a company address book via LDAP with the following settings:


<ldap_name_attributes perm="$">sn givenName</ldap_name_attributes> 
<ldap_number_attributes perm="$">telephoneNumber mobile </ldap_number_attributes> 
<ldap_display_name perm="$">%sn, %givenName</ldap_display_name> 
<ldap_number_filter perm="$">(|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))</ldap_number_filter> 
<ldap_search_filter perm="$">(&(sn=%)(memberof=cn=staff,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=de)(|(telephoneNumber=*)(mobile=*)))</ldap_search_filter>
<ldap_sort_results perm="$">on</ldap_sort_results>
<ldap_max_hits perm="$">100</ldap_max_hits>


As requested the Snome Phone shows all Names ordered by sn (surename). That what I want.
But with software or or and the same config the Phone shows the LDAP adressbook ordered by givenName. But why?

Is this a bug? How can I change the display order of a LDAP addressbook?

Thanks Thomas
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Yes, this was a bug (SCCP-8559) that affects the 8.9 version of the firmware. The workaround is to set ldap_display_name=%sn - %givenName 

The issue should be resolved in the latest release of firmware ( which can be found at our Firmware Download Center in the Service Hub 


Snom Support

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