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Why my snom PA1 have no Audio while the LED light is blinking.

Good day sir/ma’am, We have 2unit of snom PA1, the first snom PA1 is already a standby position ( LED green light is on) but once we call the snom PA1 the LED is blinking but there is no audio coming out to the snom PA1. Second snom PA1 we try to power up the snom same as the internet connection the entire time we wait and still only the red LED light on and the blinking of the Red LED is slow compare in the normal blinking of the LED red when the snom is asking to connect the internet. Could anyone knows how to operate and support this kind of issues. Thank you Josemaria Paulo Racho
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Dear Josemaria,

A ticket has been created for you to troubleshoot these issues.

Kind regards


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