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show Number who has a phone call


we got the D375 Phones with Firmware

Now i want to display on each phone, the number from that person who are having a phone call or is called.


Phone X phonenumber 10

Phone Y phonenumber 20

Phone Y is in a phone call / is called.

Phone X should show '20' on the Display.

And vise verse.

Is it possible to do that?


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Dear Tobias,

For this purpose, I suggest to use the keys on the phone as BLFs if the phones are registered with a phone system or PBX: you can set them from the phone's web interface under the Function Keys menu choosing the "BLF" type and using the other phone extension.

From then on, the phone's LED will show the other phone state (idle, ringing, busy).

For more information about the BLF keys on Snom phones please read the Wiki article (Busy_Lamp_Field)

Kind regards


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