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M300 Base will not register

I am having a difficult time getting my client's M300 to register with our servers.

I can enter the following info. into a softphone and it registers immediately without fail. Enter the same info. into the M300 GUI and it does not make it to the server.

Server - (I entered this into Registrar)

Extension - username sip444_tttci (I entered this for auth user name)

Pass - xxxxxxxx - I entered this for Auth password.

Then I go to extensions and handset, select the ext box then Start SIP registration -

The techs at the data servers are not seeing a registration attempt.

However my softphone works perfectly with these same 3 criteria.

What am I missing?

I do get this message on the home screen

Base Station Status:Idle
SIP Identity Status on this Base Station: Registering

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