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extensions / identity go off line

I Hope someone can help me on this.

I have about 10 snom 360/370 and all of them have 3 identities.

For some reason however , it happens everyday that one or 2 of these identities are off and don't work anymore. 

It can take 10 minutes of 2 hours, then they are on again and later other identities are off again. 

We cannot find the problem but it s very stressfull.

They snoms are connected with Asterisk PBX

( see expample ) 

Who can help me on this problem?

thanks in advance 

rgds Ronny

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It sounds like they are losing or failing to register and the re-registration timeout algorithm timer is set to make them attempt to resend the registration after a failed attempt. Both the Snom 360 and 370 are end of life products. It is possible your phone are using older firmware and this may have been a know issue or bug that can be resolved with and upgrade. You can find the last available firmware release and release notes here; 


Snom Support

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