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D385 & A170 - Hear ringing over headset


recently I've bought and configured a few snom D385 phones for my Asterisk server, which is working as intended.

Now I bought a A170 wireless headset aswell and connected it to one of my D385. Receiving and accepting calls with the headset works perfectly fine aswell.

The only thing that I cannot figure out, however, is how to tell my Phone/Headset to send the ringing to my headset so that I'm able to hear incoming calls even in different rooms. Right now the ringing is coming from my D385 phone only.

I already tried to configure it over the web GUI of the phone with "Ringer device for Headset", but neither "headset only" nor "Speaker and Headset" seemed to work.

Is there any solution for this that i simply missed? Or is this feature not included for this type of headset? 

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Best regards!

Hi Mandy,

Please leave "Ringer device for Headset", to "Use Headset" or "Use Speaker and Headset". But in addition, also press the hard Handset button on the phone once to activate the handset mode. 

Best regards


Hello Catalina,

thank you for the quick response! It's working perfectly now. :)

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