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SNOM D385 LDAP Kontaktsuche


In einer von uns betreuten Firma sind 4 SNOM-Telefone eingerichtet. Router ist eine Digitalisierungsbox. Bei 3 der Telefone funktioniert die Suche nach Kontakten nicht. Es wird immer angezeigt "Kontaktliste ist leer". Das einzige Telefon, welches funktioniert hat die Firmwareversion 10.1.24.x

Alle anderen hatten die Version Auch ein Update auf die aktuellste Firmwareversion brachte keinen Erfolg

Leider finde ich die 1.24 Version nirgends mehr als Download.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dieses Problem zu beheben, oder die Firmwareversion irgendwo runterzuladen?


In a company of our support, the LDAP looking for contact isnt working on 3 out of 4 D385 Phones. The contact list always comes up empty. The only Phone working has the Firmware version 10.1.24.x. The other ones have An upgrade to the newest version didnt bring any success either. Is there a way to get to the firmwareversion mentioned, or to fix the problem itself?


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This could be related to the changes that have been done to the LDAP software as of version Have a look here:

If you can submit a ticket to provide the troubleshooting information below we might help you figure out the problem and many times it is just a matter of small changes in the configuration. Very often a * needs to  be added at the beginning or end of the filter, as explained in the  article:
  • assuming in version 8.x your search filter was (displayName=%)  and you wanted to use partial lookup (so when you search for  the  letters "ale" you would like to find all contacts with names: "Alex", "Alexandra", "Malewsky" etc)
  • in this case, starting with version , the filter should become (displayName=*%*)

If the article does not help, please open a new ticket and provide  the following:

  • Log in in the web-interface as admin
  • Select "Log" from the menu on the left.
  • Set the Log level to "9 - DEBUG 2" and Save
  • Select "PCAP Trace" from the menu on the left
  • Click Start
  • Reproduce the issue: make an LDAP search where you get an emtpy list but actually there should be some results
    NOTE: please try to keep the test short to avoid the limited PCAP trace space from being overwritten
    Specify the following information in the ticket:
    -exactly at which time you reproduced the issue
    -the number you searched for
  • Select "PCAP Trace" and click Stop. Select the "here" in "Click here  to save the current pcap trace", download the PCAP trace and attach it  to this ticket.
  • Select "Log" and click Reload. Copy the content of the log into a text file and attach it to the ticket
  • Provide Settings files from the phone (passwords are automatically removed from the export):
    -Log in in the web-interface as admin
    -Select "Settings" from the menu on the left
    -Click on the link in "Click here to save the settings in XML format."
    -Save the XML file and attach it to the ticket

Best regards


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