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Need More Identities

Many resellers throw around words like "lines" when they really mean "buttons" and sometimes use the word identities when they really mean something else.

SO, from what I understand, an IDENTITY is a line that has its own phone number.  If a phone needs to have 12 different phone numbers or LINES then it has to have 12 IDENTITIES, right?

I am currently using snom 320 phones that are capable of 12 identities.  Even though I have an expansion module that adds 40 buttons, the phone itself can still only have a maximum of 12 identities, right?

Some of the snom resellers are saying that by adding an expansion module, I can add more lines/identities?  This is incorrect, right?

What I need to know is the snom phone that offers the most individual identities.  I know the 320 can have up to 12, but I need more.

Do any of the phone sets allow more identities by adding an expansion module.  I don't think so because I think identities are based on the phone itself, not the expansion module.

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A Snom phone can have either 4 configured SIP Identities or 12, depending on the phone model.

"Identities <1> to <4> (snom300, D305, D315, D710) or <1> to <12> (all other Snom phones)" 

Identities are SIP extensions or lines. The verbiage or name is synonymous for the other.

You can then use the function keys on the phone or with an additional expansion module and configure those Identities with a value of line keys. However, there are no setting or values that would allow you to add more SIP Identities. 


Snom Support

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