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"machine gun" audio on internal call between two D725 with plantronics C052A

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I have a strange issue:

We connected some D725 ( to a freepbx (13.22.0). We have four Plantronics C052A connected to the phones. External calls (in and outbound) work fine.

Every internal call between two Plantronics headsets sounds like a machine gun. Internal calls from handset to handset and from headset to handset work perfect.

I tried nearly everything I could imagine i.e. changing codec priority, changing cables, disabling AGC for headset, changing Plantronics headset mode (A-G, only C works for external calls), changing volume for microphone and speaker... no success.

Any idea?

Best regards


Is this the Plantronics C520?


Snom Support

One is the CS510A, three are kind of SAVI Office xxx. I'll check with our customer. We have the problem with all four headsets. Strange thing is, that position A of compatibility switch should be the right one, but to have at least some limited functionality we have to use position C.

Next week I'll try also USB cable between D725 and the three SAVIs.

Best greetings,


...and three SAVI W710.

Ich habe gestern beim Kunden endlich das Problem gelöst:

Die (Audio-)Verbindung zwischen Headset und Telefon erfolgt über ein RJ4P4C-RJ4P4C-Kabel. Dieses war bei bisherigen Kunden stets 1:1 belegt.


Neben vielen anderen Sachen habe ich nun stattdessen das Plantronics 86007-01 probiert (normal am Headset-Anschluß, Handset unverändert am Handset-Anschluss des Telefons belassen). Das funktioniert nun wie es soll, inkl. Standardeinstellungen A,2,3.

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