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D385 Central Directory with active search

Is there any option to define central directory for D385? I found there is option to define Server Directory however always when I click on addressbook I get an error: No valid directory search configuration. Customer dont want use LDAP directory because there have to be sync between CRM and LDAP.  XML directory will probably slow down the phone because there will be over few thousand of numbers. Any idea how to solve this problem?


Here is a list of your options for address books/directories on the phone.

Possibly the local directory or XCAP would suite your needs. 


Snom Support


ok so when we exclude directories with limitation there will be only AD (LDAP) and XML. Is there any documentation to XML directory? Is possible to search in XML directory? If yes how? (however this will be probably described in documentation). How fast will be the phone when directory contains over 5000 of contacts? I have experience with movie libary in XML Amlogic S912 have problems parse the list. How fast do you get the number from XML directory when there will be incoming call. The phone will download whole list or is there possibility search contact by number or by name?

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