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Monitoring capabilities

I would love to see more monitoring capabilities for the DECT Multicell setups. E.g., it would be helpfull to have an API (or SNMP or MQTT) to find out which handsets are connected to which base station, and to monitor the connection qualitiy between the base stations.

Currently, I can only ping the base stations to see if they are online. It happened to me once that the NTP server was unavailable on the network, and the DECT multicell silently fell apart.

Or did I miss something obvious, and it is already possible to monitor those values?



I have just started looking into the binary format of the UDP multicast traffic on port 49412. All required information must be in there; but I don't have the time for full reverse engineering of the protocol. Could you please document the protocol (or ideally provide wireshark plugin)?

I have just hacked a workaround: using the syslog facility I sent all syslog messages to a central server, which extracts the LocDectRssiInfo parts and sends the RSSI values to MQTT. The result is not perfect, but helps detecting weak links and rssi fluctuations.

See attached screenshot.

I converted the raw RSSI-values from syslog to dB-Values by the following formula:

dB-Value = hex2decimal(RAW-Value) * 2.22 - 152

I ignored the "Phase" parameter. The values are relatively close the the values displayed in Multicell part of the the webinterface. If anyone can provide a better formula, I would be glad to use it.



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